How to upload pictures in single post

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How to upload pictures in single post
« on: November 22, 2016, 08:56:26 PM »
Hi everyone

Belowe simple "step by step" how to upload pic to the post without knowing any coding.

Please note: Pictures will be uploaded to the server.

(There might be issues with Google Chrome Browser, Safari browser not tested)

1. When you are posting a new topic or reply other users, now you will see  this little bit of text...

2. When you want to insert an image that is stored on your computer, click  link from pic above and  a popup will appear where you can select the image from your folders and add a description to that image (the description is optional)

3.Now click "upload it", the image is uploaded and is automatically inserted in your post (it may appear as a code link but when they post it will show as an image)

4. Click "submit" to submit post and a thumbnail of the image appears in the post.

The effect is a medium sized thumbnail appears in the post with a 'plus' sign on it to encourage users to click to enlarge. The postimage hosting service then opens up and resizes the image to fit their screen size - they can enlarge to original size from there if they wish.

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