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Equipment for sale.. used only, no commercial advertisers / FULL KIT
« on: March 07, 2017, 03:16:34 PM »
Full set of kit inc but not limited to
twin 12's wide band / mde valves SOLD
twin 7 300 bar
15l single
12l single SOLD
ali 80 SOLD
apexs ds4 twinset regs SOLD
apexs xtx200 stge regs SOLD
light monkey 21w led can torch SOLD
greenforce back up torch
hollis f1 fins large
halcyon wet noted SOLD
2 x buddy din crack bottle smb
kent tooling 75m reel
santi dry suit
seaskin dry suit
arctic 4th elemet undersuit
santi bz 400 undersuit
large ali box for car - fits saloon 3 series

open to offers and may have other bits - just pm me

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