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Ultracompact high performing Universal Dive Surface Valve / Open Circuit regulator (BOV) for JJ Rebreather, but fits any other rebreather just needs different hose adapters.
 Shrimp BOV features:
Ball valve for smooth single-handed operation switch between FFM p-port or mouthpiece under 2 minutes
One-way valves use low WOB CCR flapper valves
OC second stage uses Apeks parts for high performance and easy servicing.
One-way valves are interchangeable for left-to-right or right-to-left gas flow.
Hoses are easily removed from the BOV body for cleaning.
Compact streamlined design, light-weight - under 1lb (453g)
2nd stage is angled to prevent freeflow while on surface, in high flow or while scootering
Built-in chin rest, barrel sealing hose nipples allow hose adjustment during dive
Includes everything needed to put the GG Shrimp straight on the JJ and dive:
Bayonet fittings - Set of nipples and nuts to attach Shrimp Golem BOV to any JJ hoses
The hose slides on the corrugated nipple and outer corrugated ring locks it in place.
Cold water leaver - Knob Lever for Golem Shrimp BOV to add leverage when switching from CC to OC in thick gloves Screws into the bottom of the switch.
Servicing O ring kit - O-Ring kit for Shrimp BOV. Replaces all  O-Rings
Shearwater HUD holder - New Adjustable HUD holder for Shearwater HUD. The HUD can be rotated in and out of view by simple ratcheting action around the BOV nut. The DIVA clips into the holder for easy removal.
Price 650
Feel free to ask any questions
Light Monkey 10ah-26w LED Torch

Excellent torch and ideal for British isle conditions, Used but in excellent condition, some signs of use. Only had light use.

The light heads for the 26W LED are machined from aluminum and then black hardcoated to allow for optimal heat sinking.
The Reflector was designed to provide a 6 center hot spot for effective signaling.
Powered by a 10Ah Li-ion battery pack (providing 230 minutes of burn time)
1700 Lumen Output @ 6000 Kelvin
9 inch (22.7cm) Length, 3 inch (7.62) Diameter
Dry Weight is 4.5lbs(2kg) 1lbs(.45kg) Negative in-water
Recharge time from complete discharge:  6 hours
UN 38.3 Test Compliant - Battery is safe for air transport

Price 550 includes spare seals and tekna knife in pictures
Feel free to ask any questions or make an offer - OPEN TO OFFERS- FREE POSTAGE

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Dive centres / DivinDec Scuba and Technical Diving School and Shop
« Last post by divindec on November 27, 2016, 01:50:55 PM »
Everything Tec and Scuba in Ireland's Clearest Waters -  364 days per year.

Call us to discuss your individual experience and requirements.

Clearance day.
Twin Euro cylinders, mde valves. 5 years old. Just out of service. Can be sold with service if needed. Custom divers double bladder bravo wing and backplate . Sold as package. Offers over 650. Total new 1300.
Two slightly used double bladder wings. Offers over 275 each. 500 for both. One was only in the water twice as it's ex demo.
Sea sub icaro Tec 2000 wing and backplate and harness complete. New. Offers over 275. Price new 525.
Backplates 100. Custom divers sidemount wing harness and backplate. Used. Offers over 400. Price new 700.
2 x single bladder wings new. 225 each.

Image upload not working here - Link to image here -

Please use Classifieds section in your menu to do bargains. Thank You

If you want to sell, trade or use auction system to sell or purchase your items please use Classifields Section

This Forum, FAQ, Rules, Advertising / Gallery add on is now live !!
« Last post by admin on November 22, 2016, 09:28:40 PM »
Hi Everyone

Gallery add on is active now. You can rate, comment, etc  pictures of fellow divers. Have Fun

This Forum, FAQ, Rules, Advertising / How to upload pictures in single post
« Last post by admin on November 22, 2016, 08:56:26 PM »
Hi everyone

Belowe simple "step by step" how to upload pic to the post without knowing any coding.

Please note: Pictures will be uploaded to the server.

(There might be issues with Google Chrome Browser, Safari browser not tested)

1. When you are posting a new topic or reply other users, now you will see  this little bit of text...

2. When you want to insert an image that is stored on your computer, click  link from pic above and  a popup will appear where you can select the image from your folders and add a description to that image (the description is optional)

3.Now click "upload it", the image is uploaded and is automatically inserted in your post (it may appear as a code link but when they post it will show as an image)

4. Click "submit" to submit post and a thumbnail of the image appears in the post.

The effect is a medium sized thumbnail appears in the post with a 'plus' sign on it to encourage users to click to enlarge. The postimage hosting service then opens up and resizes the image to fit their screen size - they can enlarge to original size from there if they wish.

The Nautical Archaeology Society Diving Ireland Intro and Part 1 Course in Baltimore, Co. Cork: participants included members of Cuas, the West Cork Maritime Heritage Company, Daunt SAC UCC Subaqua Club Dungannon sub-aqua club. The course ran over two days, in Baltimore Sailing Club and included a fantastic field trip to local maritime heritage sites, led by Brian Marten and Dermot Kennedy of Cuas.
Course dates and locations for 2017 will be confirmed soon. We will also be at Dive Ireland International Expo in March!

Technical Diving General / Logo- ideas ??
« Last post by admin on November 20, 2016, 10:32:27 PM »
It is only temporary logo. I will try to work on something more with graphic. But if someone is willing to propose something we can make a poll :). Im limited with size as well because of the mobile version of this site.

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