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Title: Nautical Archaeology Society Courses in Baltimore November 19th 20th 2016
Post by: admin on November 19, 2016, 11:27:36 PM
Dear all,

Please find attached and below, information on Nautical Archaeology Society Courses this weekend  in Baltimore.

Looking forward to meeting you all on Saturday,



Bairbre Mullee
CFT NAS Coordinator


Baltimore Sailing Club         November 19th 20th 2016
Day 1 Saturday 19th November 2016
09.00  - 09.15 Meet / registration / paperwork 
09.15 9.30 Introduction to NAS   (Darina Tully)
09.30 10.00 What is Archaeology?  (Claire Kavanagh)
10.00 10.20 Site Types   (Claire Kavanagh)
10.20 10.50 History and archaeology of the boat (Darina Tully)
10.50 11.10 Break 
11.10 11.30 Introduction to Archaeological Dating Methods   (Claire Kavanagh)
11.30 12.30 The NAS Journey Part I to Part IV and examples of previous projects
12.30 13.15 2D Survey principles and techniques  (Bairbre Mullee)
13.15 14.00 Lunch   (Please bring a packed lunch!)
14.00 14.45 Area Search and Survey Methods Locating and exploring a site (Claire Kavanagh)
14.45 15.00 Break
15.00 15.30 Project Safety and Logistics Working a site (Bairbre Mullee)
15.30 16.15 Practical Session 1 Getting to know a site (All tutors where available)
16.30 17.15 Boat recording 1 (Pat)
Practical Session
Site survey*
Day 2  - Sunday 20th November 2016
9.30 10.15 Rights and Responsibilities  (Claire Kavanagh)
10.15 11.00 Dealing with Finds Artefacts from a site (Bairbre Mullee)
11.00 11.20 Break
11.20 12.20 Boat recording 2 (Pat)
12.20 13.00 Introduction to 3D Survey Surveying a site (Bairbre Mullee)
13.00 13.30 Post-Fieldwork Activity Understanding and publishing a site (Darina Tully)
*The practical session will be scheduled according to the weather on the weekend. See What to Bring, below.
Title: Re: Nautical Archaeology Society Courses in Baltimore November 19th 20th 2016
Post by: admin on November 22, 2016, 08:40:36 PM
The Nautical Archaeology Society Diving Ireland Intro and Part 1 Course in Baltimore, Co. Cork: participants included members of Cuas, the West Cork Maritime Heritage Company, Daunt SAC UCC Subaqua Club Dungannon sub-aqua club. The course ran over two days, in Baltimore Sailing Club and included a fantastic field trip to local maritime heritage sites, led by Brian Marten and Dermot Kennedy of Cuas.
Course dates and locations for 2017 will be confirmed soon. We will also be at Dive Ireland International Expo in March!

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