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Title: Cave Training Opportunities in Florida, March 2017, France, summer 2017
Post by: SWT-Matt on January 03, 2017, 09:16:27 PM
I am privileged to be able to start my cave instructor internship with the amazing team from Dark Water Exploration, Phil Short and Gemma Smith. You will have the unique experience of being trained by Phil, ( and with input from me and Gemma.
All overhead courses from intro to full and advanced cave, DPV cave and techncial cave are available and can be taught in either Open Circuit or CCR. Crossovers to CCR also available.

Full cave takes 6 full days fo training, other courses 2-6 days. Get in touch for more info, pricing etc. All logistics and travel can be managed, just book flights - very cheap to Orlando at the moment.
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